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Domaine des Papeteries

2 allée des frères vallée

22810 Belle-Isle-en-Terre

Joh' Showroom (summer season)

3 rue Saint Jacques 22810 Belle-Isle-en-Terre


La porte des secrets

Fête ses 10 ans

Belle' Fest

July 30 and 31, 2022

JOH'Showroom 3 rue Saint Jacques 22810 Belle-Isle-en-Terre

Collaboration in the exhibition Aquareves celebrates spring 

flowers mother l.jpg

From April 19 to May 24, 2021

Instant Présent

63 rue Charles de Gaulle

91330 yerres

Lallia and Aquareves have come together to celebrate the otherwise feminine mother. Spring is exalted under the brushes and pencils of these two artists who reveal to you the Woman, the mother, all gently floral.

A Fleur de Rêve

exposition peinture dessin

From April 30 to June 30, 2019

Dessin sur calque
Peinture sur tissu
nature lover
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